Interview – The Formula of Successful Weight Loss

Are you tired of counting calories every minute but no positive results are seen in the end? Are you nearly giving up on your dream to lose some weight and try some smaller clothes? It’s time to stimulate yourself with some stories of people who managed to lose weight. They are not wealthy or experience a special program. What makes them successful in the efforts to lose weight is the information. Let’s dig deeper into an interview with a successful woman in weight loss.

Laura’s 30 years old. She works in the marketing department of a big company in New York, and she had experienced years of obesity. She knew many ways to lose weight but applied few of them. Little progress was witnessed after all. It made her so devastated in her life. Luckily, she found some new attitudes, and in this interview, she would help you understand better.

We will separate this interview into three main parts, asking for her opinion regarding the diet, the workouts, motivations, and mindsets for weight loss.


Q: How important is the diet to weight loss?

A: There is a common saying among people who are used to the workout. 80 percent of your result comes from the kitchen. This saying has already shown us how important the diet is. No matter whether you want to lose or gain weight, it should always start with the diet.

I usually have to work for many hours, so I am obsessed with huge loads of work and stress. I got home late, had a quick meal at home or simply bought anything on my way, usually take away. My previous diet was not good for my weight at all.

But I changed to organic ingredients. Now not only my physical health but also my mental health becomes better with these natural foods.

Q: I hear that dairy products sometimes can affect the result of weight loss. Should I skip them in meals?

A: Yes, like you, I thought bad about dairy products too. However, the truth is opposite. It is from the scientific foundation. Many studies show that the intake of calcium is beneficial for weight loss and burning fat. Therefore, it is a good idea to start including dairy products in your meals. What do I choose among many dairy products? Well, I often go for low-fat milk or yogurt, usually after the meals. We all know that yogurt has positive impacts on our digestion as well, so we can get a lot of benefits at the same time. Since I increased my intake of yogurt, I felt better with my stomach.

Q: I hear that water is good for weight loss. Have you tried that and did it work?

A: Yes, it’s true that some people rumor about the benefits of water in weight loss. I used to try it, but it did not lead to a direct result. Instead, I thought that water could somehow improve your weight loss. Drinking water is an essential activity for our body because it keeps us away from dehydration. This problem can be the root for you to eat more and more, which finally leads to a higher weight.

Obviously, drinking water does not include your consumption of sugary or alcoholic beverages. You should not think of anything just to avoid dehydration. Be careful with your choice of liquid for better weight loss.


Q: For a full-time worker like you, a workout might be too exhausting to do every day. How can you overcome tiredness and always be energetic at the fitness center?

A: I know that registering for a fitness center is easy, but keeping the habit of going there is much more challenging. I used to waste my first year of membership, just because of being buried in work. However, since I was more motivated, I never skip any class. How did I do to avoid being too tired? The answer is simple. I control my sleep time. When your body has enough rest, its endurance is significantly improved, and you always have the energy to do anything you want.

Q: Many people hit cardio every day. Why don’t they lose any weight?

A: Everyone followed the same workout over time, day by day, month by month and I were not an exception. I hit the treadmill, elliptical, or jogging path and I put in my time. Unfortunately, this exercise routine can generate the opposite results when it comes to weight loss and fat burning.

So, instead of concentrating on cardio only, I recommend doing aerobics interval training (short bursts of heart-pounding work, also known as HIIT, or high-intensity interval training) or strength training (push-ups, squats, anything that builds muscle and power) to burn fat.

And you will enjoy yourself at the gym, like me right now. The sadness in hitting the treadmill day by day was gone forever.

Q: Do I have to work every day to keep the results?

A: Many people are too obsessed with the results, and they believe that only a day off from gym can make them obese again. It is not necessarily true. You can be off just to enable your body to heal and develop muscle better.

If you try too much, the likelihood is that you will be even more stressed. Here’s the reason: Stress has a series of serious impacts on your health (research claims belly fat becomes bigger because of it and stress slows down the results of weight loss).

I never recommend doing exercise every day. Sometimes, you will need some other ways to burn fat better. And I think watching TV and relax will give you opportunities. An hour of intense laughter can burn as many calories—up to 120—as a half hour hitting it hard at the gym


Q: Like many people, you’ve tried losing weight in many ways, but got little progress and became discouraged. How can you overcome this problem?

A: You need to admit the fact that beating some of your bad behavior is not an overnight story. Some can skip easily, but some are already in your genes, and you hardly resist it. You should be realistic about your goals of weight loss as well. Even though it is better to lose weight as quick and efficient as possible, you do not put so much pressure on yourself. In addition, it is necessary to concentrate on a lifestyle that helps you become healthier, instead of being obsessed with the scale. If you are happy and avoid stress all the time, fat will be burnt even better without much attempt.

Q: Do you spend a lot of time on setting a plan for weight loss?

A: Yes, of course. The sad fact is that before, I hardly paid attention to planning and I had to pay for wasting many years. But now I understand that it is very important to plan ahead and prepare when you’re working on eating healthy foods in the correct amounts.

Deciding your weekly menu and shopping in advance will arm you for success. Prepare your meals and snacks for the week on Sunday, and portion them out in your refrigerator in containers.

Q: Sometimes it is difficult to follow your diet, such as at parties. How can you stay healthy in such situations?

A: It’s easier than you can imagine. Never go to a party without eating dinner first. If you know you’re going to dinner parties with alcohol, plan ahead and don’t drink on other nights when you’re not going anywhere. Know yourself, learn what your triggers are going to be.I also tell people to eat the good, the bad and the ugly. By that I mean, eat the good things on the plate, then the bad things, then the ugly. We usually go to bad and ugly first: the bread and the booze. You want to fill up on lean protein and vegetables. Drink a glass of water, wait a few minutes and then see how you feel and if you want to eat more.

Remember that the most important thing is your attitude and value. Do not let other things make your distracted.

Q: Many people don’t know that they have an unhealthy lifestyle. What is the biggest misconception about lifestyle?

A: Everyone tends to wish for a magic pill that brings the immediate results. I know it because I was one of them. In the past, I often said, “OK, I want to lose weight, but I can’t change any behavior of my lively life, going to parties or eating fried foods.” It is the worst thing you can have in your mind, and it prevents you from achieving bigger things. Weight loss is difficult, especially if you want to lose up to many pounds. A wake-up call is essential for everyone, and they should start working for it as soon as possible.

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