HealthyLifeStyleKey.Com was created from 2015.

We learned the hard way that getting healthy and losing weight aren’t about sacrifice and willpower, and that dieting is actually a better way to gain weight than to lose it.

At Healthy LifeStyle Key Dot Com we’ll show you how to lose weight for good using proven methods to make getting healthy fun, easy and virtually automatic.

The secret to getting healthy–and staying there–is cultivating a set of healthy habits you actually enjoy. This is called your healthstyle.

Upgrading your healthstyle is the only way to stay healthy long-term, because it doesn’t rely on willpower (which is notoriously unreliable).

True habits are triggered in your brain automatically, like a reflex. And good habits are as hard to break as bad ones.

Habits only stick when your new behaviors are paired with a reward. That means to get healthy you have to eat foods you love, find activities you enjoy, and feel happy and fulfilled. How awesome is that?!

At Healthy LifeStyle Key Dot Com you’ll learn how Real Food and small actions can add up to big changes in your health. Getting healthy and losing weight shouldn’t make life harder, it should make life awesome.